Itamarati de Minas

In 1988 CBA initiated the implementation of its power plant for mineral enrichment, in the municipality of Itamarati de Minas, MG, which initiated its activities in February of 1992. Currently, it has an installed capacity for benefiting of 1,6 million tons of bauxite per annum.

Mineral extraction from each mine is carried out in accordance with rigorous techniques and regulations, bearing in mind high levels of productivity, low environmental impact and integral rehabilitation of mined areas.

As a system model, CBA adopted requirements defined by ISO 14001, complemented by guidelines and concepts described by ISO 14004. This certification shows that CBA’a mining activities comply with strict international standards.

However, it is in the continuous monitoring of its indicators and the accomplishment of well established environmental objectives that the Company demonstrates its commitment with the continuous improvement of its processes, not only complying the legislation, but also the principles declared in its Environmental Statement.

Estrada Itamarati de Minas - Descoberto, km 12
Zona Rural CEP 36788-000
Telephone: 55 (32) 3421-5611
Fax: 55 (32) 3421-5613
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Itamarati de Minas
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